picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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The pre-validation

Used by some certification authorities, the pre-validation mechanism allows the automation of your certificates request process.

How does it work?

When a pre-validation request is submitted to the certification authority, a classic audit of the organization and its contact is run.

The pre-validation then makes issuing the certificates quicker because the organization part of the certificate validation process is already completed.

Note: A pre-validation is defined for a couple organization/corporate contact. It is possible to create several pre-validations for an organization with different contacts.

For which products?

It is possible to create pre-validation requests for:

  • Sectigo:
    • Sectigo EV and OV server certificates
    • TBS X509 OV server certificates

  • DigiCert (DigiCert, Thawte and Geotrust):
    • EV and OV server certificates
    • EV and OV code signing certificates
    • Document signing certificates

How to create a pre-validation?

It must be done via your Certificate Center, section "Your orders" > "Pre-validation".

From this page you'll be able to visualize all your pre-validations and create a new one.


You'll be able to cancel or renew your pre-validations as well.

To create a new pre-validation, click on the "Pre-validation creation DigiCert" or the "Pre-validation creation Sectigo" button.

You'll be redirected to a simplified form on which you'll have to select one or several types of pre-validation. Then you'll have to specify the organization and the contact for this pre-validation.

Note: In order to request a pre-validation, the authority's data process agreement must have been accepted first.

For how long?

Once it is active, the pre-validation is valid for 12 months. It can be renewed 30 days before its expiration.