picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a certificate on Plesk Onyx (Version 17)

Download the certificate and its certification chain

Your CSR and private key have not been generated via PLESK (KEYBOT)

1) Access our private key decipherment tool to decipher your key (.PKEY file downloaded during your certificate order).

2) On your order status page (see the delivery e-mail):

  • Click on the "See the certificate" button,
  • then on the link "See the certificate in X509 format with chain".
  • Download the .pem file

3) Open the file with a text editor. At the beginning of the file copy / paste your deciphered key.

In you PLESK select "Add SSL/TLS certificate" to import this PEM file.

Your CSR has been generated from your PLESK

1) On your order status page (see the delivery e-mail):

  • Click on the "See the certificate" button,
  • Download the xxx-TBS-ref-xxx.cer file (matching the certificate.crt form,
  • then in the same window click on the "See the certification chain" link to download the chain-xxx-TBS-ref-xxx.txt file (matching the *.CA.crt form).

Install your certificate

  • Connect to your plesk as administrator. The, go on the Websites & Domains page and click SSL/TLS Certificates.
    Websites & Domains page
  • You can view your certificate list on this page. Click your certificate name.
  • Browse the page until the Upload the certificate files et Upload the Certificate as Text sections. You can choose between those two options that will have the same result. Once the files have been uploaded or the information imputed, click on Send Files or on Send Text depending on your choice Attenion! If your certificate chain contains your certificate, this might create errors. Please check your file or your text before submitting the form.
    You will then be redirected to your certificate list.
  • You certificate is now installed.

Link your certificate to your site

  • Return on the Website & Domains page.
    Websites & Domains page
  • Click on Hosting Settings.
  • Browse to the Security section. Check the SSL/TLS Support box then select your certificate in the list.
  • Click on Apply to apply the changes.
  • Your certificate is now enabled on your site.

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