picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Generate a CSR for Plesk Onyx (version 17)

  • Connect to your plesk with an administrator account. Then go to the Websites & Domains page then click on SSL/TLS Certificates.
    Websites & Domains page
  • You can view your certificate list on this page. Click on Add SSL/TLS Certificate.
  • Input a name for your certificate and fill the mandatory fields:
    • Bits: 2048 MINIMUM
    • Country: Your organization headquarters' country
    • State or province: State/Province/Département or equivalent where your Organization heardquarters are located
    • Location(City) : Your organization heardquarters' city
    • Organization Name (company): Legal name of your organization (not its commercial name), preferably uppercase
    • Organization deparment or division name: (Optional). If not pertinent, leave empty or put a generic value like "IT Services".
    • Domain name: Your server's domain name, e.g. or
      (Not an IP address. No space or whitespace characters.)
    • Email: Certificate manager email. This email will not be used by TBS Internet or the authority but is required to validate the form.
    Then click on Request.
  • You will then be redirected to your certificate list where you should see your new certificate. Click on your certificate name.
  • Browse the page until you reach the CSR section and copy the full CSR text, including -----BEGIN CERTIFICATION REQUEST ----- and -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----.
  • You can now paste your CSR in your TBS Internet order form.

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