picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a X509 certificate (SSL - TLS) on NETASQ platforms

You received your certificate by email with one or several intermediate certificates and a root certificate. Keep this email within reach.

1- Retrieve your certificate(s) on your server

Go back where the private key has been generated with OpenSSL tools (cf Generate a CSR for NETASQ Firewalls)

In the delivery email you'll find several links. Click on them and download the associated files:
  • A: your server certificate: file-example.cer
  • B: certification chain: file-example.txt
    Open the file with a text editot to creta as many files as certificates (---BEGIN CERTIFICAT---xxx---END CERTIFICAT---). Save these files in a text format, for example: intermediate1.txt, intermediate2.txt, ...

2- Import the private key, the certificate and the certificates of the chain into NETASQ

  • Open the manager and go to "Captive Portal> Web Portal".
  • Click on the private key and select Add, follow the wizard and indicate a name, select the private key. Select the file file-example.key (that you created while generating the CSR) and import this private key.
  • Click on the certificate file's name and import your certificate by selecting the file-example.cer file.
  • Go to the certificate chain menu, and import the files one by one: intermediate1.txt, intermediate2.txt, ...

Your certificate is now installed. Now check the installation. To do so, go on your certificate's status page (the link is provided in the delivery e-mail) and the 'Check your certificate' button. Our CoPiBot tool will run a test.