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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a server certificate on Cisco VSCE

To install a SSl certificate on Cisco Telepresence Video Communication Server Version X7.2.2, follow the procedure below.

After having imported the .cer file holding your server certificate with the Cisco procedure, you'll have to install the certification chain:

  • Rename the chain file in chain.txt
  • Paste it in /tandberg/persistent/certs as WINSCP
  • Edit the /etc/apache2/ssl.conf file:

    • Warning, it is a RO volume: /dev/sda5 on / type ext3 (ro,relatime, …)
    • Enter "mount -o remount,rw /", the volume is now a RW one: /dev/sda5 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime, …)
    • Add the following lines (in bold) in ssl.conf:
      #   Server Certificate:
      #   Point SSLCertificateFile at a PEM encoded certificate.  If
      #   the certificate is encrypted, then you will be prompted for a
      #   pass phrase.  Note that a kill -HUP will prompt again.  Keep
      #   in mind that if you have both an RSA and a DSA certificate you
      #   can configure both in parallel (to also allow the use of DSA
      #   ciphers, etc.)
      SSLCertificateFile /tandberg/persistent/certs/server.pem 
      #   Server Private Key:
      #   If the key is not combined with the certificate, use this
      #   directive to point at the key file.  Keep in mind that if
      #   you've both a RSA and a DSA private key you can configure
      #   both in parallel (to also allow the use of DSA ciphers, etc.)
      SSLCertificateKeyFile /tandberg/persistent/certs/privkey.pem 
      #   Server Certificate Chain
      SSLCertificateChainFile /tandberg/persistent/certs/chain.txt
    • Reboot VCSE. The volume changes back to RO.

Check your certificate installation with CoPibot

In your Certificate center, on your certificate status page you'll see a "check your certificate" button. Click it to make sure your certificate has correctly been installed.