picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Installing the necessary drivers for a HARICA cryptographic key

To use your HARICA key to sign PDF documents, it is mandatory to install the drivers so that the key is recognised by your operating system.

Download the driver

First, click on one of the links below to download the appropriate driver for your system

Installing the driver under Microsoft Windows

Double-click on the file you have just downloaded to launch the installation program.

  1. Click on "Next".

    Image 1 Harica installation

  2. Choose your installation language and click on "Next".

    Image 2 installation Harica

  3. Accept the licence and click on "Next".

    Image 3 installation Harica

  4. Click on "Next"

    Image 4 installation Harica

  5. Choose "Typical" et click on "Next"

    Image 5 installation Harica

  6. Click on "Next" to start the installation.

    Image 6 installation Harica

  7. Wait for the drivers to install. This may take some time.

    Image 7 installation Harica

  8. Once the drivers have been installed, click on "Finish".

    Image 8 installation Harica

After the installation is complete, the Safenet Client Authentication software is automatically launched. To access it, right-click on the icon with a round "S" located at the bottom of the screen. bottom right of Windows.

Image safenet_systray

Here is the main window of the software that allows you to manage your Harica key.

Image fenetre_safenet

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