picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Import a certificate on OVH Cloud

Importing a certificate on OVH requires that your private key is not encrypted (protected by a password).
If so, remove the password from the key. To do this, you can use our online tool: Private key decipherment

You will then need your certificate as well as the certification chain. These files are available on the status page of your certificate, button "View certificate"

Certificate renewal

When you want to renew your certificate on OVH Cloud, it is advised to first delete the installed certificate, and then to import the new certificate.

To import your certificate and its private key into your OVH hosting, here is how to proceed:

  • Log in to your OVH customer area and on the left, click on the name of your site.

  • In the "Configuration" section, click on the icon representing the three horizontal points

  • Click on "Order an SSL certificate" :

    Image order ssl certificate

  • Choose "Import your SSL certificate" and click "Next":

    • Copy the content of your certificate (RSA only) : paste the entire content of your certificate (the file with the .cer extension)
    • Copy the content of your private key (unencrypted) : paste the content of your decrypted private key.
    • Copy the contents of your certificate chain : paste the entire content of your channel (file starting with chain-XXXXX and ending with .txt).

      Image paste certificate
  • Then click on "Validate" to finalise the installation of your certificate.

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