picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a certificate for Wordpess

The SSL certificate install will greatly depend on your hosting provider capabilities. We advise you to inquire about your hosting provider capabilities so that you can plan your install.

CSR and private key generation

In the case you would only have access to an upload platform without any CSR and private key capabilities, we recommend using our tool, Keybot. Keybot is able to generate PEM and PKCS#12 (.p12 or .pfx) certificates.

We have an instruction list dedicated to a few hosts, see the "Hosting companies and hosting platforms" section.

Certificate install

The certificate install is specific to your host, we recommend contacting them in case of inquiries.

Wordpress configuration

Wordpress-specific settings

Enable SSL by default

Log in your administration pannel and go to the Settings - General section and edit the wordpress url and website url fields so that they are set to "HTTPS".

Force administration panel HTTPS connections

We advise your to force HTTPS connections to your administration panel in order to prevent login information interception. To do so, edit your wp-config.php configuration file, while making sure that the value FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is set to TRUE:

define ( 'FORCE_SSL_ADMIN' , true);

Third-party content declaration

You have to make your all your third party resources (libraries, pictures, javascript) are correctly served using HTTPS or browsers will display warnings about mixed content.

HTTP redirections

If you would like to force HTTPS use by your users, you can enable HTTP 301 redirections to notify browsers that they need to use new HTTPS addresses.

If you have access to your web server, please refer to the specific instructions by platform.

If you use a mutualized hosting solution, this feature is not necessarily available. If it is not available but your hosting solution is based on Apache, you can use .htaccess files to set up HTTP 301 redirections using mod rewrite.

Plugin configuration

Attention, unless mentionned otherweise, we do not recommend nor discourage the use of these plugins. They are only listed based on their features and frequency of use.

SEO by Yoast Plugin

The popular plugin SEO by Yoast has an option that allows you to force HTTPS use.

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