picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a certificate on SAP

The installation of a certificate on SAP can be done in two ways: depending on how the CSR was generated (interface or via the SAPGENPSE utility), it is recommended to use the same method to install the certificate.
n addition to this, the software requires that the intermediate certificate (s) and the root certificate be imported.

Installation with graphical interface

Installation of the certificate

  • Launch "Trust Manager"

  • Select the "File node" and the PSE concerned.

  • In the "Maintenance" section, select Import Cert. Response

  • In the window that appears, copy paste the content of your certificate

  • Save the data

Installation of the intermediate and root certificate

To retrieve these certificates, go to the status page of your certificate (link available in the delivery email), button "View certificate". On the pop-up that appears, click the "See the certification chain" link to see the intermediate certificate (s) and "See the root certificate" to see, as the name suggests, the root certificate.

  • In the Certificate section, select Import certificate

  • Selecte "Database" tab

  • Choose the intermediate certificate and selectEnter

  • Click on Add to Certificate List and save

Repeat this manipulation for a second intermediate certificate (if necessary) and for the root certificate.

Installation with SAPGENPSE utility

Initially it will be necessary to put in a file the intermediate certificate (s) and the root certificate.
Go to the status page of your certificate, "View the certificate" button and click on the "View the certification chain" link. Download the proposed .txt file and open it with a text editor (Windows Notepad for example).
Then still on the pop-up showing the certification chain, this time click on "View the root certificate". Copy the entire certificate, including -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and -----END CERTIFICATE----- and paste this content at the end of the file you opened with the text editor.
In the end the file should look like this:

        [Intermediate certificate]
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

             [Root certificate]
    -----END CERTIFICATE-----

Save the file with the .cer extension (example: root.cer).

Here is an example of the command line to type to install your certificate with the SAPGENPSE utility:

    sapgenpse import_own_cert <additional_options> -p <PSE_file>  -c <certificate_file> -r <root_ca_file> -x <PIN>
    Here are the explanations:
  • -p <PSE_file> : enter the path and the name of your PSE created when generating the CSR

  • -c <certificate_file> : fill in the path and the name containing your certificate

  • -r <root_ca_file> : enter the path and the name of the file containing the intermediate certificate (s) and the root certificate

  • -x <PIN> : code that protects your PSE

Your certificate is now installed

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