picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Importation of Certigna certificates in Adobe

To add Certigna roots in Adobe for PDFs signature, download

In Acrobat Reader 7, 8 or 9, go to the Document menu, "(Manage) Trusted Identities"  . In Acrobat Reader 11, go toEdition, Preferences, Signatures, Trusted Identities and certificates. Then on "Add Contact" and Browse. Then select the certigna-pdf.p7b file.
Finally use "Edit Trust" or "Trust" in the lower area and tick the case "Signatures and as a trusted root". Then affect the following rights:

Signatures and as Trusted root Certified Documents Dynamic content Embedded high privilege JavaScript Notes
ok ok ok ok -

Finally click the "Import" button.

From now on, PDFs signed with Certigna certificates will be recognized by your Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

(Note: in Acrobat Reader 7, certificates that are not linked to the Adobe root do not inherit of the trust settings. It might be necessary to define rights for each root generating end-entity certificates)