picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Generate a CSR for Plesk 12

  • Login to the Plesk Control Panel as an administrator. Then go to Websites & Domains tab a,d click on Secure Your Sites.
    Websites & Domains tab
  • You can consult here your certificates list. Click on Add.
  • Name your certificate and fill the required fields:
    • Bits: 2048 MINIMUM
    • Country: provide the contry in which your company is based.
    • State or province: in France indicate the name of the department where your company headquarters are based (not the number).
    • Location(City): indicate the city where your company headquarters are based.
    • Organization Name (company): indicate the corporate name of your company (no trade name or acronym), in uppercase preferably.
    • Organization deparment or division name: Do not fill - advised - or enter a generic term such as "IT Department".
    • Domain name: Indicate here your SSL server name, such as "", "" or "".
      No IP address. No spaces nor blank characters.
    • E-mail: E-mail address of the personn in charge of the certificates mamagement in your company.
    Then click on Request.
  • You will then be redirected to your certificates list in which you should see your new certificate. You can see that the columns R and K are active. It indicates you actually have a CSR and a private key. Click on your certificate name.
  • Go down to the CSR section and copy the entire text zone including the lines -----BEGIN CERTIFICATION REQUEST ----- and -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----.
  • You can now past your CSR in your TBS certificate order form.

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