picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Generate a CSR on SAP

There are two ways to generate a certificate request on SAP: by the graphical interface or by the SAPGENPSE utility.

Generation of the CSR by the graphical interface

First of all you must create a PSE which will contain the key pair

  • Launch "Trust Manager"

  • From the context menu, choose Create RSA. Complete the fields. For CN, this must match the FQDN used to access the server.

  • Save the PSE.

We will be able to generate the corresponding CSR

  • Select the file with a double click and then select the previously saved PSE.

  • Fill in the required fields.

  • In Maintenance section, choose Create Certificate Request. A dialog box appears

  • Copy paste the whole in our order form. You can also save the CSR by clicking on Save as local file

Generating the CSR with the SAPGENPSE utility

Here is an example of a command line to run to generate a CSR with the SAPGENPSE utility:

    sapgenpse get_pse -p myPSE.pse -r myCSR.req ", OU=IS, O=TBS CERTIFICATES, ST=CALVADOS, L=CAEN,C=FR"

Here is the explanation of the arguments in this line:

  • -p : PSE file name
  • -r : CSR file name

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