picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Generate a CSR for Cisco ExpressWay

You have three options to generate a CSR for Cisco ExpressWay:

We will see below how to generate a CSR from the Cisco ExpressWay interface.

  • Go to Maintenance > Security certificates > Server certificate
    For version version X7.2.2, you have to go to Maintenance > Certificate management > Server certificate

  • Click on Generate CSR

  • Fill in the required fields for the certificate

Please note : If you have several Cisco ExpressWay (cluster for example), you will have to generate a CSR for each Cisco server.

  • Click on Generate CSR. The CSR will be generated. The private key linked to it cannot be seen or downloaded at all for security reasons.

  • Once back on the "Server Certificate" page, you will be able to download (Download) the CSR or see it by clicking onShow (PEM file).

Once the CSR is visible, copy paste all of it in our order form.

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