picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Generate a CSR for API Axway Gateway

Creation of the CSR and its private key with KeyBot

To easily generate your CSR, you can use our tool Keybot by following our documentation:
Keybot: the tool that lightens technical processes of your SSL certificates orders

Creation of the CSR and its private key with OpenSSL

1. CSR generation

To create a private key and generate a CSR you need to use the OpenSSL software. If you work under Linux, OpenSSL is usually installed by default. If you work under Windows, you can download and install OpenSSL by following the procedure here: Install OpenSSL on a Windows machine.

Then use our CSR Creation Assistance and copy/paste the command in your OpenSSL console. You'll get 2 files: a .csr file and a .pkey one. The first is your CSR, the second your private key that must be preciously stored.

2. Order deposit

Put your order on our site via our order form. Copy/paste the content of the .csr file in the form.

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