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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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SSL / X509 Certificate for FORTIGATE Firewalls

Generate a CSR (Certificate signing request)

ATTENTION :Using TBS Internet's Keybot (Automatic mode in the order form) may cause problems with Fortigate 600C Servers. Select the "manuel" mode and follow this procedure:

  • Go to "System > Certificate > Local Certificate".

  • Click on "Generate"
    Fill the form, choose a minimum key size of 2048 bits.

    • CN: Common name / domain name / server name /FQDN:
      You need to enter here your SSL server's name, i.e. "", or "" or "". No IP Addresses(more precisions here). No space or blank characters.

      N.B.: Using certificates containing a reserved IP Address or an internal name (xxx.local, server_name) is deprecated by the CA / Browsers Forum and will not be accepted by any authority (more information here).

    • O: Organisation / Company Name :
      Write here your company's or organization's corporate name (nor the commercial name or an acronym), preferably in uppercase.

    • ST: State / Province:
      Enter here your state or province name.

    • L: Location / City:
      Enter here your company/organization's seat/headquarters location.

    • C: Country:
      Indicate your company/organization's two letter country code, preferably in uppercase.

    • OU: Organisational unit / Division / Branch:
      We recommend leaving this field blank or indicate a generic term such as "IT Services"

  • In "System > Certificate > Local Certificate",
    Select the previously created "Certificate Request",
    click on "download": copy/paste the ".csr" file's content in the TBS INTERNET order form (select "manual" instead of "automatic").

Install / import your certificate

  • Go to your certificate's TBS INTERNET status page (see your delivery email), click on the "See certificate" button, them click on the "See the the X509 certificate with its chain" line and download the file/copy all the text.

  • Go to "System > Certificate > Local Certificate", click "import", and select "Local Certificate"

Check your certificate installtion with CO-PiBot: On your certificate status page, your will find a "Check your certificate" button. Click it to check your certificate installation.

Edit your certificate Authorities

If you imported your certificate without its chain or simply want to edit your certificate authority list, you can add/remove them in the System > Certificate > CA Certificatemenu. You can also consult our root and intermediate certificate lists here.

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