picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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SSL / X509 Certificate for FORTIGATE Firewalls

Generate a CSR (Certificate signing request)

To generate a CSR, you have two options:

  • Fortigate interface : go to System > Certificates and click on Generate. Fill in the requested fields.
    • In "ID Type" select "Domain Name"
    • In "Key Size", select 2048 Bit
    • In "Enrollment Method", select "File Based"
    Click on OK. In the list of certificates, select the CSR to then download it. Open it with a text editor and copy paste the entire content into our order form.

  • Keybot: from the order form, choose the "Automatic" method to generate the CSR, and click on "Generate". On the pop-up that appears, fill in the requested fields and validate. Keybot will offer you to download your private key in .pkey format and send the CSR to our services.

Install / import your certificate

  • Access the status page of your certificate at TBS CERTIFICATS (see delivery email), click on the "view certificate" button, then click on the link "View certificate in X509 format with string" and download this file and / or copy all.

  • Go to "System > Certificate > Local Certificate", click "import", and select "Local Certificate"

Check your certificate installtion with CO-PiBot: On your certificate status page, your will find a "Check your certificate" button. Click it to check your certificate installation.

Edit your certificate Authorities

If you imported your certificate without its chain or simply want to edit your certificate authority list, you can add/remove them in the System > Certificate > CA Certificatemenu. You can also consult our root and intermediate certificate lists here.

Certificate activation

Once the certificate is installed, you must configure the appropriate service to use this certificate (SSL VPN, admin access to the interface or other ...).
For SSL VPN access for example, go to VPN > SSL-VPN Settings. Configure the "Set Server Certificate" option on the certificate that has just been installed and click on Apply

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