picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20240703 - End of collaboration with Certigna / Dhimyotis

Certigna has notified us of the termination of our reseller contract on 2024-12-31. As a result, we will gradually replace Certigna products with equivalent ones and we will support you during their renewal for a peaceful transition.

End of sale date

2 dates to remember for the end of sale of Certigna products:

  • 2024-09-20: It is the SSL, the Server Client and some Seals products from Certigna that will be withdrawn from our catalog on this date:

    • Certigna SSL RGS*
    • Certigna SSL
    • Certigna SSL Wildcard

    • Certigna Server Client

    • Certigna Signature Seal RGS*
    • Certigna Timestamping Seal RGS*

  • 2024-12-20: The other authority's products follow the same path:

    • Certigna Signature Seal eIDAS

    • Certigna Encryption RGS*
    • Certigna ID RGS*
    • Certigna ID RGS**

    • Certigna Timestamping package

On these dates no operations will be possible: ordering, renewal or reissuance.

Note that we will stop the sale of Certigna products a few days before the end of the contract in order to be able to process and deliver all orders placed.

What will happen to orders not delivered by the deadline?

Undelivered orders will be canceled. New orders for equivalent products must then be submitted.

Will you offer replacement products?

Yes, almost all products will be replaced by an equivalent or by a higher range product.


As required by the RGS standard, Certigna certificates can only be reissued during the 3 months following their delivery. We will therefore organize the disappearance of the products taking into account the reissuance periods.


Once the Certigna product withdrawal dates have passed, you will be automatically redirected to replacement products when submitting your renewal requests.

Note that switching to a new certificate authority will also mean losing the anniversary date of your certificate. An optimized renewal will however be proposed to limit the loss of days.

Certificate Center and valid tokens

We invite you to use your Certigna tokens before removing products from the catalog.