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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20200210 - Sectigo / Comodo CA: expiration of Addtrust root

The Addtrust External CA root on which were issued all Sectigo, TBS X509 and PositiveSSL RSA server certificates will expire in May 2020.

Those certificates are now issued from a new chain in order to maintain their recognition by browsers.

A new chain

Since February 06, 2020 Sectigo, TBS X509 and PositiveSSL certificates use USERTrust RSA Certification Authority as intermediate and Comodo AAA Certificate Services as root.

What consequences?

Your certificates recognition will be (slightly) impacted by this chain modification:

  • Mobile tools:

    - Better recognition on Apple an Android tools

    - No significant change on the others

  • office browsers:

    - Lost of recognition on Opera (root installed from version 12.12) 12.12), Safari (root installed from version 4.1.3) and Linux (root installed from CA-Certificate 20061027)

    - No change on Windows (any browsers) and Seamonkey

    - Better recognition on Firefox and J2RE (any OS)

After your certificate renewal or reissuance the entire chain will have to be re-installed, not the certificate only.

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