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picture of tbs certificates
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Your personal data have reached their storage deadline

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, strictly regulates the ways any organization inside the European Union must handle the personal data it has collected.

The data cannot been kept indefinitely and must be deleted according to a calendar defined by both the GDPR standards and standards specific to the authentication.

What happens when your personal data have reached their storage deadline?

Once the storage limit has been reached, you receive an e-mail such as:

===================================== [Subject] Your personal data have reached their storage deadline Dear customer, In the context of Article 5.1 (e) of the General Regulations on the Protection of Data (RGPD), your personal data have reached their deadline of storage. This article requires anonymising the data automatically after a certain time. To continue using our services, we recommend you to extend the storage period using the link below: Without action on your part within 14 days, your data will be erased or anonymized from our systems. Concerns the email address: your@email.address Sincerely, =====================================

What to do next?

You want your data to be erased (or anonymised)?

In this case, no action is required. If we do not get any feedback from you, your personal data is erased within the 14 days following the e-mail reception.

You want to to extend the storage period of your personal data?

Then click on the link provided. You'll be redirected to a page displaying the personal data that we have in our possession and that is affected by the erasure process. from this page you'll be able to request the extension of your data storage period and select that period (from 1 to 3 years).

Warning: The link is valid for 24 hours only. If it is expired, you'll have to request a new link from this page.

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