picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20210913 - Disappearance of the L field at Sectigo

Sectigo has made the decision to no longer include the L field in its SSL certificates.


According to the CA/B Forum guidelines, only one of the ST (stateOrProvinceName) or the L (localityName) field is required. The presence of both is not mandatory.

As per the guidelines, Sectigo will continue to authenticate the full location, down to the street address, for all OV and EV certificate requests.

It is still possible to deposit a CSR containing an L field, but this field will be ignored during the certificate issuance.

Which products are concerned?

Domain Validated certificates

Those products are not impacted as it is not possible to issue a DV certificate containing an L field.

Other certificates (OV and EV)

Sectigo has started the process of removing the L field from its certificates a few weeks ago. However, this is a process that will be implemented in the long term (about 2 years). It is therefore possible that during this period the L field may continue to appear on recently issued certificates. The TBS X509 certificates will follow the same rules.

What are the consequences for valid certificates?

None. These certificates will continue to function normally until they expire.

My CSR contain a L field, what if I need to reissue my certificate?

The CSR can be used. Sectigo will simply ignore the L field when issuing the certificate.

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