picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20220705 - Disappearance of TBS X509 client certificates

After the disappearance of Sign&Login certificates scheduled on late August, TBS X509 Email Professional certificates are following the same path.

At the end of September 2022 they will definitely be removed from our catalog.


The evolution of standards related to client certificates issuance has led the authority to abandon its historical products to better meet the new CA/B Forum requirements.

What about currently valid certificates?

Nothing. Currently valid certificates won't be impacted and will keep working normally until their expiration date.

Feel free to order Email Professional certificate before their disappearance. We provide up-to 3 years valid products.

Will you provide replacement products?

New Sectigo client certificates are currently integrated to replace the TBS X509 offer.

2 products are being added to our catalog: the Sectigo Basic Personal Email and the Sectigo Organization Personal Email.

They are both designed for professionals and can be distinguished by the fields they present. They include an e-mail field and will be able to sign and encipher e-mails. They will also enable strong authentication and PDF signature (see the entire comparison).

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