picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Disable an Intermediate or Root Certificate on Windows Server

It might be necessary to disable certificate via Windows' MMC to ensure that the correct certificate chain is used.

This page describes the appropriate procedure.

1 - Run the MMC

  • Open the Windows Run dialog by clicking Run in the Start Menu or using the Win+r shortcut. Then type mmc and click OK.
    Run Dialog
  • Click on the File menu then on Add/Remove Snap-in.
  • Click on Certificates then on Add.
    Adding a Snap-in
  • Select your Windows Account type then complete the information required.
    Account type dialog
  • Then click OK.
    Adding a Snap-in (end)

2 - Disabling a certificate

  • You can now deploy the certificate tree to select the correct store, then, in the certificate list, right-click the certificate you want to disable. Then, select Properties.
  • In the tab General, in the field Certificate Purpose, select Disable all purposes for this certificate.
    Certificate properties
  • Then click OK. The certificate is now disabled.

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