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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a SSL / RGS certificate for DIGITECH - Airs Delib

Your software requires the importation of a PFX or P12 (#PKCS12 format).
You have a private key in an OpenSSL format and a certificate. You want to create a pkcs12 (or .pfx) in order to import it in an other software?

a) Convert your certificate into P12

If you realized the first step (generation of the CSR and of its private key) with OpenSSL tools (PEM files), you'll have to follow this procedure.

You'll then have to follow the procedure described here in order to convert your certificate int P12 or PFX.

You can now use the final_result.p12 file in any software accepting pkcs12! For IIS rename the file in .pfx.

b) Installation in Airs Delib, secured remote transmission

When the certificate is delivered, give the public part (.cer or .crt certificate file) to your interlocutor, CDC Fast for example. Once it is confirmed the certificate id registered , you can go on with its configuration in Airs Delib.

Installation of the P12 certificate:

  • 1. Move from the AirsDelib arborescence or delete the file « FormerCertifName.P12 » in this file
    « D:\Airs\Delib\Prod\apache-tomcat-6.0.14\webapps\delib\store\ »

  • 2. Copy / paste the delevered file « NewCertifName.P12 » here
    « D:\Airs\Delib\Prod\apache-tomcat-6.0.14\webapps\delib\store\»

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FAST server use and connection

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