picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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What to do if your token is blocked?

Many certificates require to be installed on a physical medium, often a cryptographic token.

But what to do if the PIN is lost or the token is blocked?

Token management by supplier

Certigna ChamberSign Harica GlobalSign
number of PIN attempts before blocking 3 3 5 5
unblocking possible by PUK - -
onblocking by supplier return
- - -

Unblocking procedure


It is necessary to return the token to the authority so that they can unblock the support.

Consult the unblocking procedure


To start the unblocking procedure, you must make a request by email to chamberSign support.

An email is sent to the certificate holder to unblock the PIN. The procedure requires the use of their security questions. If wrong answers are provided: the certificate is permanently blocked on the 3rd attempt. You must acquire a new certificate.

PIN unblocking procedure


If you block your Harica token, you will be able to define a new PIN by using your PUK (provided along with the PIN on delivery).

Consult the procedure


2 scenario:

Forgotten PIN or token blocked by too many errors (once the certificate is installed on the token)

In this case, you must reset the token following the GlobalSign procedure.

Warning: If you have set an administrator password and PIN other than the default ones and you have forgotten them, you will not be able to initialize it. The token will be permanently unusable.

You must then request the reissuance of the certificate and install the reissuance on the reset token.

Token blocked before its first installation and reset impossible

If you are within the 30 day period following delivery of the certificate then you must buy a new token and install the certificate on it.

If the certificate has not been downloaded within 30 days of its production, the latter is definitively lost.