picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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What does the SECTIGO DCV e-mail challenge look like?

Validating the DCV e-mail challenge will put your Sectigo and TBS X509 certificates' delivery into motion.

E-mail content

Sent from, here is the content of the e-mail:

===================================== Objet : SSL Domain Control Validation for Dear customer, Your certificate's issuance is about to be finalized and one last confirmation is needed before the certificate delivery. We have received a request to issue an SSL certificate for *** Please ignore this email if neither you nor a trusted colleague made this request for a certificate *** Otherwise, please browse here and enter the following "validation code": bfF4BPCbcYcGKPfz7314pgLjWjz5h7uX This e-mail is sent to the manager of the domain secured by the certificate. If you have questions regarding the certificate issuance process, please contact us. Regards,

Code Validation

Here is the page displayed when following the link:

Before validation

After validation