picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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CSR correction request

During the verifications of our audit service, it is possible that inconsistencies appear between your CSR and reality. This can be an incorrect ST field or the CN that is not compliant with the requested certificate.
If such a thing happens, the Audit service will send you a CSR correction request by email.

This email has as subject "[order XXXXXXXXXX] CSR correction request (certificate for In this email is indicated the fields of the CSR which have been corrected and which will be register in your CSR. A link is also present to be able to upload your new CSR.

When you click on the link, this is the page you will be taken to:

From there, you can use our KeyBot tool (automatic method) or the manual method to generate your CSR. Keybot has the advantage of having the fields correctly filled in, in relation to the CSR correction request. So you are sure not to go wrong. If you want to use the manual method, be sure to enter exactly the information requested in the correction request email. In this case the Audit service will not be able to validate your CSR and will send you a new correction request, which will result in delays in processing your order.

By choosing the automatic method, the Keybot pop-up opens with the fields pre-filled according to the request of the Audit service. You just need to enter a password to protect your private key and click on "Generate".

Once the private key has been downloaded, it is indicated that you must complete the entry in the main window. To do this, click on the gray cross at the top right of the pop-up, and click on the "Save" button.

You should get this message:

This confirms that the new CSR has reached the Audit service to verify that it is compliant.
If you do not get this message, or if you do not click on "Save", your new CSR will never be sent to our Audit department and therefore, your order cannot be processed.

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