picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Authenticate with WebAuthn

TBS offers you several identification methods to access your Certificate Center

The classic "username / password", the 2-factor authentication via mobile and the strong authentication by client certificate, several methods to meet all the needs.

Today we are adding WebAuthn to these options.

What is WebAuthn?

WebAuthn, short for Web Authentication, is a web standard specification developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) with the aim of enhancing the security of online connections and transactions by using stronger authentication methods than traditional identifiers and passwords.

WebAuthn aims to eliminate the limitations and risks of using passwords for online authentication. It introduces an approach based on public and private cryptographic keys, which offers several advantages:

  • WebAuthn relies on cryptographic keys to authenticate users
  • It protects against phishing attacks, since it does not involve passwords
  • The cryptographic keys and signatures used by WebAuthn are unique for each transaction
  • WebAuthn allows users to choose from several authentication methods such as USB keys, mobile devices, fingerprints, facial recognition...


WebAuthn is compatible with Android v9+, iOS v16+ and macOS v13+.

Warning: WebAuthn is not compatible with accounts using strong authentication by certificates and accounts using 2-factor authentication via mobile device.

How to use WebAuthn to log in to your Certificate Center?

Configure WebAuthn

First, log in to your account using your current method. Then click on the "login information" link from the information banner at the top of the page.

login information

Then click on the "Register for the WebAuthn check" button.

register for the WebAuthn check

A QR code appears. Scan it with your mobile tool.

QR code

Your WebAuthn access is configured!

Login with WebAuthn

Go to the account login page. In the "WebAuthn" box, enter your username then click on the "login" button.


A QR code appears. Scan it with your mobile tool.

pending connection

You are now connected!

connection successful

Can I continue to use my classic login method?

Yes, once WebAuthn is enabled, you can continue to use the classic username/password login.