picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20150903 - Sectigo MultiWild 2+: New product in our catalog

TBS INTERNET launchs a new SSL certificate that can secure several wildcard SANs (domain name in the form *.domain.ext).

A sole certificate can then really secure an infinite number of domains and sub-domains and even several levels of sub-domains (such as *.domain.ext and *.sub-domain.domain.ext)!

How does it work?

The CSR generation and the order process is the same than for a classical order of SSL certificates: Generate your certificate by indicating the main domain for the CN field. The CN cannot be a wildcard. Copy / paste the CSR in the order form and enter the list of wildcard in the provided area.

Can I edit the list of sites names?

This certificate can secure 2 wildcard names by default. But you can, via reissuance, edit, add or delete sites names.

To do so, go on your certificate status page and click on "request reissuance" and then edit the list of sites names that need to be secured.

A mere reissuance is free but if you want to add sites names in your certificate (more than the 2 provided by the certificate) they will be charged (consult our prices).

What about additional wildcard SANs?

Just as it works on Sectigo UCC additonal wildcard SANs, a wildcard SAN equals to the price of 5 "standard" SANs.

All our prices are available on the Wildcard certificates comparison.

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