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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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20140406 - TBS INTERNET adds Certigna ID RGS certificates to its range of products

The "Référentiel Général de Sécurité", mandatory since May 2013, is essential to your e-government procedures.

This new standard has been introduced to ease exchanges with government agencies (esubmission, call for tenders...).

Today TBS INTERNET, via its partner Dhimyotis, can supply Certigna ID RGS*, ID RGS** and ID RGS*** client certificates. This complete offer will allow our customers to use all the French e-government processes currently available.

The offer

For more details, see the page RGS: Which certificate for your e-government process?

Specificities of Certigna ID RGS certificates

Support: As defined by the standard, ID RGS** and ID RGS*** certificates are delivered on a cryptographic token and rquire a face-to-face interview. ID RGS* certificates are delivered on software format.
ID RGS* certificates are delivered on software format.

reissuance: It is not possible to reissue a client certificate. Then again, make sure to make a backup copy of your certificate and of its private key and to remember your password.

Certigna ID RGS delivery

ID RGS** and ID RGS***: They are delivered on a cryptographic token and require a face-to-face meeting. Trip to plan. For more information, please contact our sales department.

ID RGS*: They are delivered in pkcs#12 format (certificate and private key)

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