picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Installation of a certificate for Axway SecureTransport (5.3 and +)

Generation of the CSR

To generate a CSR from Axway SecureTransport, log into the administration interface:

  • Go to "Setup > Certificates"

  • Click on the "Local Certificates" tab and click on "Generate"

  • Select "Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

  • In "Key size", choose "2048" and fill in the required fields to generate the CSR

  • Click on "Generate". A message appears. Copy paste the contents of the CSR into our order form.

Installation of the certificate

Once the certificate is received with the delivery email:

  • Return to "Setup > Certificates"

  • In the "Local Certificates" tab, click on "Finish" next to the CSR in the waiting list.

  • In the "Certificate Alias" field, enter an alias for your certificate.

  • You then have 2 possibilities:
    • Import the certificate directly by clicking on "Import CA signed certificate from file"
    • Copy paste the content of the certificate by clicking on "Paste CA signed certificate in space below"

  • Finally, click on "Finish"

Your certificate is now installed. You will have to think about associating it with a key alias and restarting the protocol for this to be effective.

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