picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Documents to provide for the obtention of a Certigna certificate

Certigna certificates address specific standards published by the DGME. The audit process then differs from the "standard" process applied by other certification authorities.


Several contacts are requested for each order. Each of them has to provide elements proving their identity and functions.

  • THE LEGAL REPRESENTATIVE: must be part of the organization and appear on an official document.

    Documents to provide : A front and back copy of an ID card (that must be less than 3 months old) presenting a picture.

  • THE CERTIFICATE MANAGER that takes responsibility for the certificate management.

    documents to provide : A front and back copy of an ID card (that must be less than 3 months old) presenting a picture.

Signature modification attestation

Your current signature may differ from the one appearing on your identity documents. It may then be difficult to obtain a certificate.

Certigna created an attestation document to notify your signature modification. It must be completed and sent along with your form and the documentation needed for the issuance of your certificate.

Download the signature modification attestation

In case of a delegation

If a delegation is requested, you'll be asked for:

  • A valid document holding delegation (this document must be signed by both the person giving delagation and the one receiving delegation)

  • A front and back copy of an ID card of the person having delegation. Add the date of the day, the signature of the holder and the mention "Certified true copy"

The person receiving delegation becomes the 'legal representative' for the audit.

The Organization

As for any other kind of certificate, the certification authority has to make sure the organization really exists. To do so, we'll need:

  • The copy of a recent document (less than 3 months old) holding the SIREN number (or assimilated) of the organization. For example: Siren situation

  • A certification of the legal representative quality (if his name does not appear on the document holding the organization SIREN number). For example: KBis, status, AG recap, office election recap...

Please note: in case of an AG recap or an office election recap, the document must be signed by the legal representative.

Obtain a Kbis

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