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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Sign a PDF with Adobe Reader DC

First, you will need to make sure your certificate has been properly installed. For token-based certificates, a procedure will have been sent to you.

Signing procedure

  • Open your document in Adobe Reader, then click the Tools tab on the left of your document name.
    Adobe Reader - Document
  • In the tool list, click the Open button from the Certificates tool.
    Adobe Reader - Tools
  • Adobe Reader will then go back to the Document tab with an added Certificates banner. On this banner, click Digitally Sign.
    Adobe Reader - Document with Certificates banner
  • A pop-up window will now open. Click OK and follow the window's instructions: click and trace a rectangle (by keeping the click button pressed) to choose where your signature will be displayed. Release the click button to finish tracing the rectangle.
    Adobe Reader - Rectangle Selection Pop-up
  • A second pop-up window will open to choose your signature certificate. Check the correct certificate and click Continue. If your certificate does not appear in the list, it means that it was not installed correctly: you will need to reinstall the certificate before continuing.
    Adobe Reader - Certificate Choice
  • A preview of your signature will appear. Click Sign to go through with the signature.
    Adobe Reader - Signature
  • Then, choose where to save your new PDF file and the signature will be complete.

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