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All about DigiCert's Vulnerability Assessment

What is a security breach?

A vulnerability is a potential entry point through which a Web site’s functionality or data can be damaged, downloaded, or manipulated. A typical Web site (even the simplest blog) may have thousands of potential vulnerabilities.

What is the Vulnerability Assessment?

Free with the purchase of every Extended Validation or Pro SSL Certificate, vulnerability assessment helps you quickly identify and take action against the most exploitable weaknesses on your Web site.

Vulnerability assessment includes:

  • a monthly scan (by default) of your public web pages, your applications your server software and your ports
  • An actionable report that identifies both critical vulnerabilities that should be investigated immediately and informational items that pose a lower risk.
  • An option to rescan your Web site to help confirm that vulnerabilities have been fixed.

With which SSL certificates is the Vulnerability Assessment provided?

Vulnerability Assessment is available with the following DigiCert products:

  • DigiCert SSL Secure Site Pro
  • DigiCert Secure Site EV
  • DigiCert Secure Site Pro EV

DigiCert Secure Site certificates are not supplied with the Vulnerability Assessment and this product cannot be ordered individually.

What is the price of this product?

There is no cost for this additional feature. It is included with the purchase of any Secure Site Pro product as well as any Symantec Extended Validation SSL product.

Can we get this feature as a full service?

At this time, we do not have an option to buy this service as a separate product.

How to activate the function?

Customers must activate the scan directly from the certificate status page, by clicking on the "Options / Scan Result" button.

I have several websites, will the Vulnerability Assessment apply to all of them?

Yes, but you will need to ensure that they have a Secure Site Pro or Extended Validation SSL Certificate in place on those domains as well.

How does Digicert guarantee the security of my website visitors?

  • SSL encryption protects online transactions and keeps data confidential in transmission.
  • Vulnerability assessment identifies weaknesses on your Web site that are most commonly used for attack.
  • Malware scanning alerts you if your Web site is infected with malicious software.
  • The combination of SSL encryption, vulnerability assessment and Web site malware scanning helps you provide site visitors with a safer online experience and extend security beyond https to your public-facing Web pages.

How does Digicert prevent my sites from being blacklisted by search engines?

Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines scan and blacklist or exclude from their indexes any website infected with malware. By using Vulnerability Assessment to identify and fix security vulnerabilities, you reduce the risk of attack. The anti-malware scan informs you of attacks before they occur. DigiCert provides these services free of charge with our EV or Secure Site Pro certificates. Anti-malware scanning is available with all Secure Site SSL Certificates. Translated with (free version)

How does Vulnerability Assessment help companies manage their security?

DigiCert offers a scan created to detect the most commonly used entry points for hacking. The Vulnerability Assessment report categorizes vulnerabilities according to their type and type and risk factor and suggests solutions to fix them. These features help companies quickly identify and remove critical vulnerabilities, making it easier to making it easier to secure your sites. Scans that have not been specifically optimized generate unnecessary amounts of data by equating critical vulnerabilities with low-priority ones, making it which makes it difficult to read the report, without sorting out which flaws should be This makes the report difficult to read, with no sorting to highlight the flaws that need to be fixed immediately. Translated with (free version)

What are the most common attacks?

SQL injection is used by hackers to gain access to your database. Cross-site scripting lets a hacker add code to your Web site to execute tasks. A few simple steps can protect against these common attacks if you know where the weaknesses are on your Web site.

Is the Digicert Trust Seal affected by the discovery of vulnerabilities?

No. Detecting a vulnerability does not change the appearance of your Trust Seal. Flaws are not are not threats; they are exploitable entry points. With the Vulnerability Assessment, DigiCert assists you in maintaining online trust and and allows you to remediate vulnerabilities.

Is the scan invasive? Does it impact the performance of my website?

Vulnerability assessment is designed to be noninvasive, and your customers will not see any impact in site performance or page-loading times.

What if I already have vulnerability scanning?

The Vulnerability Assessment does not replace PCI-Compliance scans. This free service complements your complement your protection tools with an on-demand scan that delivers an easy-to-read report report highlighting the most critical vulnerabilities. Supplied with an SSL certificate, it can be can be combined with other scans to receive additional information that can help you that can help you decide what action to take. Translated with (free version)

Can I customize the Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is designed to provide essential information without a complex set up or extensive management. You may change notifications and activate or deactivate starting points if you have multiple SSL Certificates with different fully qualified domain names.