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picture of tbs certificates
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Professional Opinion letter - Symantec / Thawte / Geotrust

Professional Opinion Letter for SSL
To : Symantec Corporation
Fax : +33-9-7211-2204

SSL Certificate Order Number: _________
Client:  _________
Organizational Contact:  _________

To Symantec Inc.:

I represent the Organization ('Client') that has submitted the SSL 
certificate order ('SSL Certificate Order Number') referenced above. 
I have been asked by my Client to present you with my opinion as 
stated in this letter. My opinion below is based on my familiarity 
with the relevant facts and the exercise of my professional judgment 
and expertise.

[Optional: Insert customary preliminary matters for opinion letters 
in your jurisdiction.]

On this basis, I hereby offer the following opinion:

1. [name of Organizational Contact] is employed by my client as 
_____________________ [enter client job title], with an email 
address of _____________________ [enter client email address], and 
has the necessary authority to act on behalf of my Client to:

(a) Provide the information about my Client's organization that is 
required for issuance of the SSL Certificates as referenced above

(b) Request one or more SSL Certificates and to designate other 
persons to request SSL Certificates

(c) Agree to the relevant contractual obligations contained in the 
Symantec SSL Certificate Subscriber Agreement. A copy of the agreement 
is available at

(d) Confirm ownership of domain(s) to be included in any SSL Certificate 

2. My client has a physical presence and its principal place of business 
at the following location:

Address : _________________________________________________
City : ____________________________________________________
State : ___________________________________________________
ZIP/Postal Code : __________________________________________
Telephone [Area Code] __________ 
[Number] ___________________

3. Client conducts business under the assumed name(s) _________. The 
business name(s) is active and registered with _________[registration 
agency where assumed name is filed].

4. Client owns or has lawful right to use the domain name _________ 
[Domain(s) included in request] in identifying itself on the Internet. 

5. Client has an active current Demand Deposit Account (2) with 
_________ [name of institution], a regulated financial institution. 

[Optional: Insert customary limitations and disclaimers for opinion 
letters in your jurisdiction.] 




License Number:

Professional Capacity (check one): ( ) Lawyer ( ) Accountant

Contact information for the authorizing agency where Symantec may 
verify your authority to practice(e.g. a bar association or a board 
of accountancy):


(1) CThis must be the Client's exact corporate name, as registered 
with the relevant Incorporating Agency in the Client's Jurisdiction 
of Incorporation. This is the name that will be included in the EV 
(2) Demand Deposit Account: a deposit account held at a bank or other 
financial institution, the funds deposited in which are payable on 
demand. The primary purpose of demand accounts is to facilitate 
cashless payments by means of check, bank draft, direct debit, 
electronic funds transfer, etc. Usage varies among countries, but a 
demand deposit account is commonly known as: a checking account, a 
share draft account, or a current account