picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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I want to send administrative documents by email...

We accept your documents (Evidentiary documentation for the audit) by email but they must be in PDF or TIFF format (black and white TIFF, compression fax CCITT T.4 or T.6 (Group 3 (1d) or Group 4 (2d)).

To create such TIFF files, you can use the Imaging application supplied by Microsoft Windows 98 or higher (Start/Accessories/Imaging). If it is not installed:

  1. On the client computer, click Start, go to Parameter, click on the Configuration Panel and double-click on Add/Delete programs.

  2. Click on the Windows installation tab.

  3. Click on Accessories then on details.

  4. check the Imaging case.

  5. click OK and finish the installation.

Once it is installed, scan your documents. Put all the pages in one file preferably (page/append menu). On the first page, enter your request reference (tracking code) with the Annotation menu (consult manual here). Save as TIFF and make sure (Page/convert manu) you are in Black and white (Color tab) with a CCITT group 3 Fax compression (Compression tab). Then send the document by email to, with your request reference in the subject field.

If you have Windows 95, see here. To see a TIFF file characteristics, see here.

To easily and freely create PDF documents, download PDFCreator!