picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Generate a CSR for Plesk 9, Plesk 10

Warning: To follow those instructions you need to work with Plesk with shared IP (non-exclusive).

This documentation is only relevant for a version 10 of Plesk.

1- Generate the certificate request

Login to the Plesk Control Panel as an administrator.

To manage your certificates on PLESK go to:
Tools & Utilities > SSL Certificates (in the Resources group).

Tools & Utilities Page:
Plesk SSl
SSL Certificates page:
Plesk SSl

To create a new certificate request click Add SSL Certificate and specify the certificate properties:

Certificate name.
This will help you identify this certificate in the repository.

Fill in the form as explained here under:
  • Encryption level : Choose the encryption level of your SSL certificate (more than 2048-bit).
  • Country : provide the contry in which your company is based.
  • State: in France indicate the name of the department where your company headquarters are based (not the number).
  • City: indicate the city where your company headquarters are based.
  • Organisation: indicate the corporate name of your company (no trade name or acronym), in uppercase preferably.
  • Department: (not mandatory). Do not fill - advised - or enter a generic term such as "IT Department".
  • Domain name: Indicate here your SSL server name, such as "", "" or "".
    No IP address (learn more). No spaces nor blank characters.
  • E-mail: E-mail address of the personn in charge of the certificates mamagement in your company.
Plesk SSl

Finally, click "Request" NOT ""Self-signed". You will then be redirected to your certificates management page. The private key and certificate signing request have been generated and stored in this repository.
Plesk SSl In the list of certificates, click the name of the certificate you need. A page showing the certificate properties opens.
You can see the information you provides and the private key and CSR.
Plesk SSl

Locate the CSR section on the page, and copy it you'll need to paste it in the certificate order form).
The CSR looks like:

2- Finalize the order process

  • Use the appropriate link to place your order on our website. See Access an order form.
  • Copy/Paste the the CSR with the lines BEGIN and END.