picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Rename a Microsoft active directory domain to get an Authority SSL certificate

We regularly receive requests for certificates bound to secure internal names, domain names that overlap official domains declared at IANA, TLDs being assigned, non existing TLDs or private IP.

After November 1st 2015 there won't be any existing certificate for internal domain or IP anymore. From now on, we cannot sale 3-years valid certificates for such SANs.
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To get around the problem, 2 solutions:

Warning: it is a complex operation that can have an impact on your business applications. Consult Microsoft before making any modification.

Advice: We advice to use a branch of your official domain as active directory area, for example or to buy a new dedicated domain.

You CANNOT use domain like .local. Consult this article to know the reasons why as an internal domain.


Internal Name: A string of characters (not an IP address) in a Common Name or Subject Alternative Name field of a Certificate that cannot be verified as globally unique within the public DNS at the time of certificate issuance because it does not end with a Top Level Domain registered in IANA’s Root Zone Database.

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