picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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How to enable 128-bit with a SuperCert certificate (BXA / SGC)?

SGC certificates (such as Thawte SuperCert 128-bit, GlobalSign or Symantec Secure Site Pro certificates) have been created for servers that need the highest security level available. They enable 128-bit sessions on browsers that usually only do 40- or 56-bit.

You need a server and browsers compatible with BXA extentions (also known as SuperCert for Thawte, Global Server for Symantec, SGC for Microsoft, International Step-Up for Netscape).

For servers, and according to editors, 128-bit versions of Netscape Enterprise 3.x and higher and of IIS 4 SP 4 and higher have the necessary modules. Apache is compatible with those certificates as well even if particular settings are required to troubleshoot a bug on IE 5.01 version export ; See here.

About browsers: Note that our SGC certificates are compatible with Communicator 4.7 and higher and with IE 5.01 (5.00.2919.6307) and higher (except for the bug described above). Of course, 128-bit versions of current browsers are perfectly able to handle SuperCert certificates for they originally are 128-bit-compatible.

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