picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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How to enable a 128-bit session with a standard certificate?

You'll need a 128-bit compatible server and 128-bit compatible clients (note that if the browser is not able to handle 128-bit encryption the certificate will work but to a lower level of encryption).

Important : Browsers released after 2001 (therefore younger than IE 5.01, Netscape 4.72...) are natively 128- or 256-bit and function the same way with or without SGC certificate. More information on our browsers' compatibility chart :

Before 2001, 128-bit versions of browers were needed (now available to download), see Netscape and Microsoft guides. You should promote those browsers versions among your client and invite them to read these guides. You can check the encryption capacity of your browser here.

To get the 128-bit version of servers, contact your reseller. For IIS upgrading to 128-bit is easy. For Netscape servers, you'll need the 128-bit version of Iplanet.

You can also find 128-servers manufactured outside the US, such as the very good Apache SSL.

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