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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Generate a CSR for Citrix Netscaler 12

To generate the CSR on Citrix Netscaler, this happens in 2 parts: generation of the private key and then generation of the CSR

Generation of the private key

  • Go to Traffic Management - SSL - SSL Files - Keys

  • Click on Create RSA Key

  • Fill in the requested fields

    • Key Filename choose a nmae for your private key. Example: mywebsite.key
    • Key Size : 2048
    • Public Exponant Value : leave by default
    • Key Format : PEM
    • PEM Encoding Algorithm : if you want to protect your private key with a password, choose DES3. If not, leave the field empty
    • PEM Passphrase : choose a password for your private key (only if the upper field is not empty)
    • Confirm PEM Passphrase : repeat password

  • Click on Create to create your private key

Generation of CSR

  • Go to Traffic Management - SSL - SSL Files - CSR

  • Click on Create Certificate Signing Request (CSR)

  • Fill in the requested fields

    • Request File name : choose a name for your CSR. Example : mywebsite.csr
    • Key Filename : indicate the location of your private key generated previously
    • Key Format : PEM
    • PEM Passphrase : if you have chosen a password for your private key, this is where you have to enter it.
    • Digest Method : SHA256

  • Also fill in the CSR fields itself

  • In "Challenge Password" and "Company Name", leave empty

  • Click on Create to create your CSR

Upload of CSR in our order form

Once your CSR has been generated, select it in SSL Files and click on Download. Open the file with Windows Notepad and copy paste the whole content in our order form.

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