picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Reissue a certificate with Microsoft IIS 5 or 6

If you need your IIS 5 or 6 certificate to be reissued (replacement of the certificate with no service interruption), you'll have to:

  1. Create a new virtual site in IIS (fake data)
  2. Generate a certificate request on this fake site (if it is for a reissuance, fill in the fields with the same information than for the original certificate; see our form). See Generate a CSR with Microsoft IIS5 or IIS6
  3. Now place your reissuance request on our website (reissuance)
  4. Import the resulting certificate on the fake site. See Install a Microsoft IIS5 or IIS6 certificate
  5. Go on the reel virtual site and replace the certificate to activate it
  6. Delete the fake virtual site