picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Common questions about PDF signature

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What is a digital signature?

The digital signature is a cryptographic process guaranteing the integrity of the signed document and the signer identity.

I do not have a signature certificate, how to get one?

A document signature can be done automatically or manually, with a client or a server certificate.

  • Client TBS x509 certificate: it is a client certificate guaranteed and recognized worldwide. It is issued by an AC having an international level that guarantees fairness.

  • RGS / eIDAS certificates: Those certificates meet French and European standards and can be used to sign invoices.

  • Complete commercial offer: See our products

  • Self-signed certificates: you can generate it by yourself by using a certificate generating tool but it will have a limited recognition for it won't have been issued by a trusted third part.

What is the value of the PDF signature?

It guarantees the document integrity, its authenticity. Some signature (accompanied by a timestamp) can provide a legal or a tax value to your invoices.

What is the link between the certificate and the signature?

A certificate can be compared to an identity card : it gathers information characterizing a user.
The digital signature is a cryptographic process guaranteing the integrity of the signed document and the signer identity.

Do you provide a PDFs signature tool?

Yes, SigniFlow by TBS X509 is a platform designed to manage documents. Via this platForm you'll be able to sign or request signature among other things. SigniFlow can provide a signature and accept a wide panel of "external" certificates as well: E-id card, RGS or eIDAS qualified / advanced standards, software format, cryptographic token or smart card.

Discover SigniFlow by TBS X509

We also provide the TBSSignaturePDF signature tool, a command line tool that allow to edit a PDF document in order to sign it.

Please note that this tool has been designed specificaly to sign PDF documents.

What is the proof a document has been signed?

  • Acrobat Reader: you can check the presence of a digital signature in the signature tab (left hand side of the document).

  • TBSSignaturePDFVerify checking tool : by executing this tool on a given PDF file, there is no signature information (subject, issuer...).

What the use for Acrobat Reader signature validation?

During the validation process, Acrobat Reader checks

  • the signature range
  • The integrity: has the document been modified?
  • The keystore confrontation,
  • CRL (Certifcate Revocation List) download

After the verifications, the signature is validated.

Nota: in the identities management, if the certificate is one of the approved identities, the verification is reduced to the minimum.

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