picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
Our products range

Why choosing TBS INTERNET?

TBS INTERNET entered SSL market in 1996. In 2003 we became SSL broker in order to provide a wider range of products to cover any need for every budget.

An unrivaled expertise

We've been selling SSL certificates since 1996. It makes us pioneer and the most qualified in France for this market. This expertise helps us provide good quality services and personalized guidance.
  • We partner with several certification authorities, and can provide you with the better products for the better price. To choose well go to
  • We have a deeper knowledge of French and European legal status than CAs (Certification Authorities). We are well acquainted with each CA audit process and can untangle tricky cases.
  • A first grade technical support can address most of usual issues
  • Our team is equally composed of specialized salesmen and IT experts who can answer all your questions

Quality service: our main preoccupation

  • Centralized management: manage all your certs, no matter their brand, from a certificate's center to gain time and money.
  • A unique adviser who knows your organization to ease exchanges
  • A turnkey delivery optional service
  • Follow-up: when the legislation allows it, we keep track of your orders, no need to send the same documentation several times for each new request!
  • Renewal management: beginning 3 months before your certificates' expiration, we send alert emails to prevent any SSL disruption
  • After delivery, we make sure the certificate is correctly installed via our tool CoPibot

And many other advantages!

  • No language barrier. We have French and English offices while certification authorities are mainly, and only, installed in English-speaking countries.
  • We accept all kinds of French and European payments: check, administrative means, direct debit. There is no obligation to pay by credit card. We also accept purchase orders and deferred payments.
  • We accept American Express cards in addition to the traditional Visa and Mastercard credit cards.
  • Several kinds of accounts give you access to different discount policies

What about the prices?

We are able to sell SSL certificates below the certificate authorities’ regular prices because we buy a huge amount of SSL certificates.

IMPORTANT: we can generally match prices of our competitors' discounts, contact us before ordering!