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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Request a client certificate with Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape

A client certificate request for a Firefox, Mozilla or Netscape product could not be simpler. Go to a TBS INTERNET certificate order form, it will detect you are using a product from Netscape family. Filling the form is then enough.

According to the kind of client certificate you are requesting, you will be asked to fill (or not) the email field. If this field is missing, the certificate will only be able to do SSL client authentication (SSL authentication / strong TLS) or to digitally sign documents. With an E-mail field, the certificate will also be able to make e-mail signature and encryption to S/MIME standard.

You might be asked to enter the master password.

It happens if you chose to use a master password for Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape. The key pair has to be saved in that security container, if it is password-secured, you'll have to provide it.

If you can't remember it... well it is too bad. You'll have to erase the container: move the key3.db file out of the configuration repertory of the software. Then make a new request for a certificate and define a new password (you can also chose not to use a password, but we do not advise so).