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picture of tbs certificates
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Request a client certificate with Firefox / Mozilla / Netscape

From July 2020, TBS Certificates upgrades its Keybot online tool so that you can generate a CSR from any Internet browser. You can find more information here : Generate your CSR for your client certificate from any browser with KEYBOT

Note: since the version 69 of Mozilla Firefox, it is not possible to request a client certificate via the browser anymore. You'll now have to use Internet Explorer (Windows) or Safari (Mac). Learn more here: Firefox remove Keygen support.

If you have an ESR version of Firefox (version 68), you can follow the instructions below.

It could not be more easy to request a certificate with Firefox, Mozilla or Netscape products family. You just need to access a TBS INTERNET order form. Our system will recognize your browser. You'll only have to fill in the form.

According to the kind of client certificate you need to obtain you may (or not) be asked to fill an e-mail field. If it is not requested, it means the certificate will only be usable for SSL client authentication (strong authentication) or for documents signatures. With an e-mil field the certificate can be used for e-mail S/MIME signature and encipherment.

You may see the message: "Please enter the master password for the Software Security Device".

It is the master password you defined for your browser. If you want to store your bi-key in the browser keystore you'll have to provide this master password.

If you do not remember it... it complicates the procedure. You'll have to erase the keystore content: move the key3.db file outside the browser configuration repertory. Then request a certificate and define a new password (it is possible not to use password but it is not recommended).