picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a client certificate for Firefox

Please note: the following procedure is only valid if your CSR was generated by Firefox. If you generated your private key and CSR with a tool like Openssl or Keybot, you will need to generate a PKCS#12 file and import it into Firefox.

Following your request for a client certificate, you will receive a delivery message. To install the the certificate, you just have to go to the status page of your certificate with the the same machine, same user, same browser and same session you did to request your certificate. You'll see a button: "Download the certificate".

Click on it to launch the importation of your certificate in your browser. You won't see anything, if the operation is a success your browser won't display any message.

You can check its presence in: Menu icon or "Edit" menu / "Preferences" or "Options" / Privacy and Security / Display certificates.

You should see your certificate in the Your certificates. If you select this certificate and click on the button View, you'll see your certificate's details.

You can now use this certificate:

  • with Firefox (authentication on websites)

or export it in PKCS 12 format to an other software (See Signature / Email cypherment) or just keep a backup copy.

To use this certificate in Thunderbird, you must use a browser (as you just did!) then export it (Export a user certificate from Firefox), and then re-import it in Thunderbird (Import a PKCS 12 file for Thunderbird).

Possible errors

You might see this error:

"This certificate can't be verified and will not be imported. The certificate issuer might be unknown or untrusted, the certificate might have expired or been revoked, or the certificate might not have been approved."

If so, make sure the chain has been correctly installed. If not you'll have to import the certification chain manually.

Another possible error: the certificate is not installed despite the fact that you are on the same browser when ordering. you must check it at this time if you are on the right profile in Firefox.
In the address bar, type "about:profiles" to list all existing profiles. Then select the right profile by default or use the "Launch profile in a new browser" button.

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