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picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Export a user certificate from Internet Explorer

To export a client certificate from Internet Explorer (creation of .pfx file):
  • On Internet Explorer go to Tools / Internet Options / Content / Certificates
    Internet Options

    Internet Options - Content - Certificates
  • You'll find your certificate in the Personnel. Select it.
    Personal Certificates
  • Click on Export and get through the first page of the helper
    Certificate export dialog - First page
  • Select Export the private key then click on Next
    Certificate export dialog - Private key export
  • Choose the PKCS#12 format and only check the first box (i.e. Include all certificates in the certification path if possible).
    Certificate export dialog - PKCS#12 file parameters
  • You will then have to input your password for the PKCS#12 file twice. This password will be necessary to re-import your certificate and its private key.
    Certificate export dialog - Password choice
  • Finaly choose the file's path and name
    Certificate export dialog - Path and filename choice
  • Confirm the recap. The file is created!