picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Export a client certificate from Netscape / Mozilla / SeaMonkey

This entry applies to all Netscape 4.7+, Mozilla and Seamonkey software, on all platforms.

To export a client certificate from your Netscape:
  • Got to Edit / Preferences / Privacy & Security / Certificates / Manage Certificates
  • In the " Your Certificates" tab, select the certificate you want to export
  • Click the Backup button
  • In the File Name To Backup dialog, enter a name of the certificate file. This file will be a PKCS12 (.p12 or .pfx (Microsoft) extension).
  • A dialog box may appear asking for the Master Password protecting your Netscape software security device.
  • Enter a password of your choice for the exported file, then Click OK. Confirm the password you just entered by entering it again, then Click OK. You will need this password to reimport the certificate and its private key.
  • Validate. The file has been created!