picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a client certificate for Netscape / Mozilla / SeaMonkey

This article is relevant for all Netscape 4.7+, Mozilla and SeaMonkey software, on every kind of platform.

Consequent to your client certificate request, you'll receive a delivery e-mail. To install the certificate, go on your certificate's status page with the same computer, same user, same session and same browser you used to place your certificate request. You'll see a 3download the certificate" button.

Click it. It will launch the importation of the certificate in your browser. It is entirely transparent, the browser won't display any message or warning.

You can check the presence of your certificate by going in: Edit / Preferences / Privacy & Security / Certificates / Manage Certificates.

Your certificate must be listed under the tab "Your Certificates". If you select the certificate and click on the View button, you'll see your certificate's details.

Your certificate is now ready to be used: You can also export your certificate as a PKCS12 to an other software (see E-mail Signature / Encryption) or create a backup copy of it.