picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Which certification authority to choose?

Sometimes too much possibilities can be confusing and particularly when it comes to select a SSL certificate.

We are in touch with most certification authorities and chose to only work with a few ones according to their:

  • seriousness

  • range of products

  • capacity to meet your needs

Besides the technical aspects (that are the most important to take into account when choosing a certificate), you can also select an authority for its notoriety or range of prices.

Why choosing X509 TBS?

  • A great ratio quality/price

  • A service in French and English

  • A good recognition rate

  • The reputation: created in 1996, TBS INTERNET has proved itself

  • A service that lean on a certification infrastructure conform to the WebTrust standard

  • Delivery time: 3 business days at reception of the fully documented request

  • An optional turnkey solution

  • Technical support: first level in French and second level (opened 24h a day) in English

Why choosing Thawte?

  • A great ratio quality/price

  • Certificates only delivered after strong authentication

  • The reputation: created in 1996, Thawte is now part of the DigiCert family.

  • Market share: 40 to 50% of the worldwide market and more than 50% of the French market (server certificates)

  • Delivery times: 2 to 3 days after reception of your fully documented request

  • The main kind of x509 server certificates!

  • Thawte technical support: available 24h/24 5 days a week (in English by phone, e-mail or online chat).

Why choosing DigiCert?

  • The greatest notoriety among mass market

  • Certificates only delivered after strong authentication

  • TBS INTERNET follow up: We keep traces of each one of your orders, no need to send the same documentation for each new order!

  • Technical support: first level in French and a second in English.

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