picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Install a client certificate for Internet Explorer

After having requested a user certificate, you'll receive a delivery email. Download your certificate from its status page (to do so, click on the link provided in the delivery mail). NOTICE: you have to use the same machine, same user, same browser and same session you did to request your certificate. You'll see a button: "Download the certificate".

Click on it to launch the importation of your certificate in your browser. Internet Explorer will ask for a confirmation.

Once your certificate installed you can check its presence in: Tools / Internet Options... / Content / Certificates.

You should see your certificate in the Personal tab. If you select the certifcate and click on the button View, you'll see your certificate's details and this text: "Certificates in the Personal category have an associated private key" that confirms the presence of the associated private key.

You can now use this certificate: or export it in PKCS 12 format to an other software (See Signature / Email cypherment) or just keep a backup copy.