picture of tbs certificates
picture of tbs certificates
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Manual reissuance of a CSR for MS Authenticode (or VBA)

Note : from July 2020, you can use our KeyBot tool to generate the CSR for reissuance. You can find more information here : Keybot: the tool that lightens technical processes of your SSL certificates orders

If you have incorrectly generated your CSR in IE during your certificate or renewal request, follow this procedure:
  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Go on this page:
  • Fill in the fields
  • Click on 'Generate the CSR', accept the Microsoft alerts and define a password
  • Select everything that appeared in the Certificate signing request (CSR) area
  • This CSR will be sent to us via the link you received with the CSR correction request
  • Do not go any further on the form

If you are using IE6, you will get a .pvk file containing your private key.

From IE7, the private key will be stored in the registry and it will be mandatory download the certificate on the same computer, in the same browser.

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